Trout Fishing Report
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Eagles Park is next to Montauk State Park
and across the road from trophy trout fishing on the Current River.
I talk with fishermen everyday and I plan to update this report often.
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Water Level
Above Average
Very Good
Montauk State Park
Rating Best Baits
Good Power Bait
Glow Balls
Trout Worms
White Jig

Details - Fishing in the park has picked up again.  Most people did pretty well this past weekend.   In the bait areas, power bait, trout worms, and glow balls have been the best baits to use.  In the fly areas, glow balls (especially orange or white), jigs, and bead head flies have been popular.

The Upper Current River
Rating Best Baits
Very Good Rapalas
Rooster Tails
Glow Balls
San Juan Worms
Caddis Flies

Details - The fishing between Montauk and Tan Vat has been good. I think some of the fish released in the park have been spooked by the heavy fishing pressure and are now holding in the deeper holes just downstream.
     I fished these waters yeterday and did pretty good with a yellow 1/16 ounce rooster tail, a Mepps Aglia spinner, and a chartruese and orange 1/16 ounce rooster tail.  I have been catching fish at Tan Vat at dusk with a diving crank bait. (A rebel minnow float, like a Rapala)
     There is quite a few real nice holes between Montauk and Tan Vat, as well as downstream.  In the afternoon the fishing is probably better in the trophy area than it is in Montauk.

Dam Repair At Montauk
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     The dam below the fly fishing area at Montauk State Park received some repairs during the off season. A small amount of water had been leaking under the dam. Park Superintendent John Bufkin said that some water has been leaking under the dam for years. He said it wasn't a lot of water but it was enough that it needed to be repaired.
     In order for the repairs to be made a temporary dam had to be constructed and water from the Current River had to be diverted to create an area around the dam that was dry in order to shoot concrete into the sections that needed repair. The repair has been completed now and the water is flowing as it normally does. Some landscaping will make the area look as untouched as possible.

This report was last updated: 03/16/05

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Dave Dawson
Last updated: 03/16/05