Opening Day 2008

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White Oak Hole 6:25 am

Opening Day 2008

Upstream From Handicap Access

Mary & Ralph Mudd with
Hatchery manager Tom Whelan

Ralph Mudd signals the start
of the 2008 season.

10000 Trout Stocked

Robert Land
House Springs, MO
5 Pounds 6 Ounces

Miss Dent County

Jerry Parrish
St. Louis, MO
5 Pounds 3 Ounces

Clinton Guebert
Red Bud, IL
3 Pounds 8 Ounces

Corey Hinsley
Bonne Terre, MO
5 Pounds 6 Ounces

Aaron Meyer
Perryville, MO
6 Pounds 14 Ounces

Bill Hansew
Rolla, MO
 5 Pounds 6 Ounces


Chris Boettcher
Jackson, MO
6 Pounds

Jimmy Decker
Boss, MO
3 Pounds 14 Ounces

Patrick Schwierjohn
Florissant, MO
7 Pounds 5 Ounces

John Rapp
St. Louis, MO
5 Pounds 1 Ounce

Kevin Runde
O'Fallon, MO
4 Pounds 10 Ounces

Austin Nieman
Waterloo, IL
4 Pounds 10 Ounces

Rob Moore
Washington, MO
5 Pounds 8 Ounces

Steve Heavin
Edgar Springs, MO
6 Pounds 9 Ounces

Matt Allen
Jefferson City, MO
6 Pounds 1 Ounce

Nick Dothage
Holt Summit, MO
Pounds 15 Ounces

Tom Shomaker
Macon, MO
3 Pounds 7 Ounces

Shawn Petty
Farmington, MO
7 Pounds 9 Ounces

Missouri Outdoors Little Princess & Princess,
Dent County Princess & Miss Dent County

Scott Lauth
Highland, IL
6 Pounds 6 Ounces

Scott Lauth Receives Patch
From Dent County Princess

Rick Schroeder
O'Fallon, MO
4 Pounds 1 Ounce

Geoff Orf
St. Charles, MO
7 Pounds 6 Ounces

Park Naturalist Steve Bost, Missouri State Parks Risk Manager Fred Hicks, Campground Host Ralph Mudd, Hatchery Manager Tom Whelan & Assistant Superintendent Dustin Webb dedicate the new white oak tree at the White Oak Hole.

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