Current River Campground & RV Park
In The Missouri Ozarks

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     This is a tremendous piece of property priced very cheap to sell quickly. It really is as good as it sounds. We hate to sell it, but want to move closer to family in Arizona.
If you have any interest in the property, contact us ASAP!

This is a very rare opportunity to own a very unique property.

     This 6.3-acre campground borders Montauk State Park, a very popular trout fishing park. The Ozark National Scenic Riverways, the nation's first designated scenic riverways national park is just across the road. An access on the Current River and some of the best trophy trout fishing in the Midwest is only about 400 feet away. Unrestricted property this close to the river is very, very hard to find.

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This property includes:

  • 7 full hook-up RV sites.

  • 3 electric only sites.

  • A 10' x 24' restroom/shower house with an on demand, tank-less water heater.

  • A 46' x 50' building with insulated walls and ceiling. The building has a commercially approved kitchen and a restroom. It's perfect for a small restaurant, a bar and grill, a fly fishing shop, an arcade, an ice cream parlor, a camping store or many other uses. (70264 bytes) (20386 bytes)
    46' x 50' Building Layout

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    East Property Line
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    Old Concrete Porch (53966 bytes)
    Display Area (59698 bytes)
    Storage/Utility Room (46721 bytes)
    Dining Tables (38447 bytes)
    Dining Booths (58536 bytes)
    Front Door (34148 bytes)
    Office Room (50437 bytes)
    Counter Area (36886 bytes)
    Kitchen Area (35506 bytes)
    Kitchen Sink (30973 bytes)

  • 1987 14' x 66' Clayton Homes mobile home with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. Home has electric heat and a wood burning stove. (The mobile home needs replacement or a lot of repair.)

There are no zoning restrictions!

The possibilities are great and the potential is fantastic!

Not in the flood plain!

This property would also make a great private retreat!


  • 2 wells, an industrial 300' deep well for the campground and restroom and another well with a new pump, new pipe and a lightning arrestor installed in July of 2001, for the 46' x 50' building and mobile home .

  • A large septic system for the campground. Also a separate septic system for the 46' x 50' building and another septic system for the mobile home.

  • A small pond and about 5 acres for primitive camping sites, including a shady hillside that would be ideal for some rental cabins. (The demand for rental cabins is fantastic all year!)


  • A 24' x 60' concrete pad from an old barn, ideal for rental units, a bunkhouse or a home.

  • A concrete underground storm cellar (between the building and trailer).

Also included:

  • 2 soda coolers, freezer, tables, chairs and miscellaneous equipment.

  • A Putting Challenge Golf game, featuring a moving green with 36 different contours (holes).

  • An assortment of new camping and fishing supplies. (Approximately $800 value).

Camping Rates:
Full hook-up sites - $23 per night,
Electric Sites - $20 per night,

Prices are for up to 6 people, $2.50 per each additional person per night.

Tent sites - $10
Prices are for up to 4 people, $2.50 per each additional person per night.

  • 11' x 16' Utility Shed with 12' covered attachment. Built with rough-cut oak 2 x 4's. It's very sturdy.

     The property also includes:

  • Established campground business with regular, repeat customers.

  • Established web site -

  • An old dilapidated one room house. (Of no use.)

  • Arrowheads? The campground used to be an Osage Indian camp. A few nice artifacts have been found here, without much looking.

     Montauk State Park attracts over 450,000 visitors each year. Swimming is not allowed in the state park. The closest and most popular swimming hole is just across the street from this property.

     Trout season in Montauk State Park is from March 1 - October 31. It's a full 8 month season with March, September and October being some of the busiest months. The state park also has a catch and release season Fridays - Mondays from the second week in November through the second week in February. It has been attracting more and more visitors during the off season.

     Trout fishing season in the Current River is open all year long. The upper Current River is a very popular "Blue Ribbon" trout stream. In the blue ribbon section trout have to be 18" or longer to keep. It is stocked yearly with brown trout. 9 Miles downstream the "White Ribbon" section begins. That section of river is stocked with rainbow trout every 2 to 3 weeks. Trout of any size can be kept in that section.

    You just can't find unrestricted property this close to the river!


     This place can be used to operate a profitable business or as a private retreat. For us it has been a little of both. We aren’t dependent on income from the campground. We don’t want too many campers and don’t work very hard at operating the campground. We don’t do any advertising. We rarely turn on the lighted sign by the road, and we generally discourage camping on weekdays. For us, it has been a weekend, hobby business. We mow the grass, clean fire rings and collect camping fees.

      We have strict rules concerning noise, and we have a lot of regular clientele that have come to appreciate the sounds of nature. The new owner of this property won’t be inheriting any bad reputations, like one of being a party campground. We like scout groups, families, and other quiet, well-behaved campers.

      The camping season is a full 8 months, relating to the trout season at Montauk State Park. Camping during the summer months is pretty popular, but the busiest months are March, September and October. The state park fills all of their 155 or so sites nearly every weekend during the trout season from March 1 – October 31. Most of our regular customers used to camp in the state park, but they have come to prefer the space and quiet that our place offers. We usually fill to capacity, and turn people away, on the first 2 weekends in March, holiday weekends, and practically every weekend in October. It wouldn’t be hard to attract enough campers to fill nearly every weekend of the season, and have a lot of campers during the week, weather dependent. The full hook-up RV sites (currently 7) can be expanded to 14 sites using the existing septic system.

       Operating expenses for the campground are minimal. Utilities (electric, internet, and phone) for the entire place run about $250-$300 per month.
Taxes are $740 per year.

       We served simple breakfasts and lunches in the big building from 2001 – 2003, and made good profits, but after I fulfilled a dream and took a job with the National Park Service it took more time than we had to devote. We have just used the building for storage since 2004. The building could be used for many different profitable businesses that could greatly increase income. It could even be divided into rental units, which would bring in big profits without requiring too much time. Small rental cabins could also be placed on many areas of the property. The hillside inline with the septic system would be an ideal place for 5 or 6 cabins. Cabins are very popular all year round, with rent prices from $60 - $120 per night.

 This is an income producing property with the potential for much more income.
However, the price for the property is primarily based on the value of the real estate only.


This unique campground is priced at:

Price Greatly Reduced!    $200,000

Make Your Dream Come True!

Inquire About This Property Today!

     If you have any questions, want more information, or to arrange an appointment to view the property contact Century 21 at: