Montauk State Park & Current River
Trout Fishing Report
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This report is brought to you by Eagles Park Campground.
Last update: 04/29/06.

          Water Level                                      Clarity
Very Low  


Very High 1-2-3-4-5-6
6 is clearest

     The upper current River is in good shape for fishing. Visibility is about 4 feet.
     My opinion is based on what I hear from other fishermen and how many fish I catch in the hour and a half to two hours that I usually fish. The basic scale is as follows.

Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent
0 fish 1 -2 fish 3-5 fish 6-9 fish 10 or more fish

Montauk State Park - Catch & Release, Friday- Sunday 8 am - 4 pm.


Best Baits

Very Good

Bait (Various)
Glo Balls
Rooster Tails
String Jigs
Caddis Flies

     The fishing at Montauk from March 1 - October 31 rarely changes. Fish are put out every night and caught every morning. Fishing is easier on the weekends when more fish are stocked. Bait fishermen catch them on dough baits, marshmallows, corn, minnows and small worms. Artificial bait fishermen do well with Rooster tail spinners and glow balls. Fly fishermen do well with prince nymphs, hare's ear nymphs, string jigs, scuds, caddis flies, mayflies and midges.
     It's pretty much pointless to keep updating the Montauk report when things rarely change.

The Upper Current River


Best Baits

Very Good

Pink Lady Glo Ball
Glo Ball
Scrambled Egg
Caddis Flies

Prince Nymph

Diving Crank Baits
White Rooster Tails

    Fishing in the blue ribbon area of the Current River has been pretty good. I catch most of my fish on glo ball patterns. The pink lady, a light pink with dark yellow blended in, is my favorite. I also like a peach colored glo ball, a light orange and pink glo ball and white or chartreuse mini jigs. The scrambled egg is a glo ball I tie from a couple shades of orange, some light pink and yellow glo ball yarn. I tear the yarn into small strands and blend it all together before tying it on a 1/80 - 1/100 ounce jig head. The prince nymph and hare's ear nymph also work pretty good, and so do scuds and wooly buggers.
     Dry flies to use are the caddis fly, mayflies and tricos.
     Spinning rod fishermen do well with Rooster Tails and crank baits (Rappalas).

NOTE: Size limit in the trophy area is now 18" and the daily limit is 1 fish.

     Let me know what has been working for you, or what hasn't. Your input is appreciated.

Dave Dawson
Last updated: 04/29/06

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