Rose Holland Trout Derby 2004

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Slippery Liz 1 Winner
Janet Goeller - Jefferson City, MO
(Caught the highest tag number)

Heaviest Brown Trout Winner
Shawn Petty - Farmington, MO

Canoe Winner
Joseph Odorizzi - Edwardsville, IL

Kids Heaviest Stringer (tie)
Justin Hanger - Salem, MO

Second Place Winner
Mike Luetkemeyer - St. Louis, MO

Third Place Winner
Briley Jones - Bismark, MO

Men's Heaviest Fish
Doyle Hood - Licking, MO

Second Place Men's Heaviest Fish
Wayne Ruskanp - Lexington, KY

Women's Heaviest Fish
Deborah Moreland - Salem, MO

Second Place Women's Heaviest Fish
Jana Wakeman - St. Charles, MO

Prize Pool

A Winner Picks A Prize

A Lucky Winner Poses With Miss Salem and Miss Dent County
Jim Schlereth - St. Louis, MO

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