Rose Holland Trout Derby 2006

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Fishermen in the fly area.

Auction Time


Crowd at auction.

Park Superintendent, John Bufkin, Lodge Assistant Manager, John Johnson and Lodge Manager Steve Fisher

Sheila Vance Painting a face.

Heather Fisher, Owensville, MO
shows off her face art.

Amanda Spencer, face painter.

A real "trouthead", Matt Harmon from Sullivan, MO

Miss Dent County, Erin Hamby

Kids Heaviest Stringer 1st Place, Dustin Blackburn and Junior Miss Dent County, Shala Plank

Kids Heaviest Stringer 2nd Place, Terry Pelczynski Jr. and Miss Dent County

Drew Roemich with 3 big lunkers

Heaviest Brown Trout winner, Doyle Hood and Miss Dent County

Slippery Liz I award winner, Ronald Kraus

Ron Blankenship, tag 100

Bob Kopcych, Alhambra, IL, picks his prize.

Another winner picks a prize.


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