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     Jim Anderson of St. Louis deserves a special thanks for his efforts in collecting trash along county road 667 between Montauk State Park and Tan Vat access. He picked up a huge bag full and he said that wasn't all of it. He had gathered trash in several piles planning to place it in a bag later. While he was picking up the piles, a park service employee stopped and helped pick some of them up. Jim said, "I come here to see the water and the trees, I don't like seeing candy bar wrappers and beer cans scattered everywhere".

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Some of the trash collected
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Jim Anderson

     Steve King and his son are to be commended for their cleanup of the Current River between Baptist Camp Access and Cedar Grove. Steve is a member of Missouri Stream Team #1571. The team helps keep the Current River clean between Montauk and Aker's Ferry.
     I received this recent report from Steve in an email.

Hello friend! As reported on my webpage, ( my son and I had done a clean-up Friday on a float from Baptist to Cedar Grove. Can you believe that there is a dumpster 3/4's submerged under the river bed down below Baptist shortly after the Ashley Creek inlet if I remember right. I'm assuming this used to be at Montauk and was most likely washed down in the May floods. Also, we had picked up 1 full bag of trash + (can you believe), 1 vehicle tire. Anyway, this stretch is spickity span now. Take care!
Steve King

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Steve King

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